The Mason County Transit Advisory Board (MCTAB) is an advisory group composed of people residing within the boundaries of the Authority. Advisory Board members serve a two-year term and are selected to achieve diversity and geographical representation. The Advisory Board promotes and facilitates public involvement in the planning process by reviewing and making recommendations on issues and projects. The bylaws are currently under review click here to view the current bylaws.


Individuals who are interested in the service and development of Mason Transit, and would like to be considered for membership in MCTAB are encouraged to fill out an application. Please call or e-mail us for details. Click here to download and complete a fillable version of the membership application.


Click here to be directed to the meeting page for upcoming MCTAB meetings.



John Calabrese

Glen Fourre
Pam Hillstrom

Chuck Orthman
John Piety



Fran Arnold
Irene Robbins
Joe Testu
Patty Williams


Notice: Membership appointments are for a two-year term. Members may succeed themselves, subject to a vote of MCTAB membership and re-appointment by the MTA Board.