Commuter Express Service


Commuter Express Service

Do you commute between Olympia, Shelton, Belfair, Bremerton and/or Seattle? Do you travel using the SeaTac Airport, Amtrak or Greyhound?  If you do, then our commuter express service will help you by offering smart options in order to drive less and smile more.


Express service is bus service that is intended to be quicker than usual by not making as many stops and using highways. MTA provides three routes with express service during commuter times for folks traveling between Olympia, Shelton, Belfair and Bremerton. We make connections to the Bremerton Ferry Terminal for travel to Seattle and/or the SeaTac Airport. We also make connections in Olympia with Intercity Transit, Sound Transit, and Grays Harbor Transit which provides additional connections including Amtrak and Greyhound stations.


Tips to Know

  • Many routes connect with each other to make regional travel easier! Meaning that often times the route will continue on as another route after its last stop.  On the schedule timetable look for the column on the far right that says “continuing as”.
    • For example, Route 1X departing Belfair from Bill Hunter Park at 5:10 am ends in Shelton at the Transit-Community Center, but continues as Route 6X after that. This makes it possible for someone to commute to work in Olympia from Belfair without transferring from one bus to another – just one smooth ride with no stress.
    • Another example is the Route 1X that departs Shelton from the Transit-Community Center at 9:45 am ends in Belfair at Bill Hunter Park, but then continues as Route 3X to the Bremerton Ferry Terminal in Bremerton.


  • Our Route 3 & 3X is scheduled in a way that it is intended to coincide with the Bremerton/Seattle ferry arrival and departure schedule. The bus stop is about 30 feet from the walk-on passenger entrance. This makes it easy for someone to commute for work in Seattle or to the SeaTac Airport.


  • When a bus is in “express”, it is identified by the letter “X” after the route number. For example, 6X. When looking at a timetable, the start time listed in the first column will have an “X” after it.  That means it is an express run and every subsequent time thereafter is part of that express service run.  When a bus is in express it does not stop for flag stops or special deviation requests.  It will only stop at the bus stops listed on the schedule.


Click on any of the links below to be rerouted to specific schedule information.  Another option is to use the Trip Planner.  That, or call us and we’ll help you figure it out!