Park and Ride Project


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Park & Ride Development Project Overview

Through an extremely competitive process which began in 2014, Mason Transit Authority (MTA) has been awarded funding assistance to provide Park & Ride development in Mason County. The project will provide assistance in the further development of new and existing park and ride locations for commuters. This effort will increase the number of available parking spaces from the current 154 up to 506 when completed, adding the new spaces over the current and next biennium periods. When completed the Pear Orchard at SR 3, Shelton-Matlock at US 101, Cole Road, Pickering Rd, Belfair at SR 3, and possibly Shelton Hills will have new or enhanced Park & Ride facilities complete with landscaping, security upgrades, new surfacing and striping, and electric vehicle charging stations.


Deliverables include but are not limited to Design Completion, Land/Right of Way (ROW) Acquisition; Construction; Marketing; Vehicle Trip and Vehicle Miles Reduction Verification. The scope of entire project will perform critical upgrades including security, additional parking, passenger amenities, lighting, shelter for waiting passengers; electric vehicle charging stations and provide up to three entirely new locations in Mason County. The new location in Belfair will include additional bus parking for MTA, along with a driver break area, and will act as a North Mason hub of operations for MTA.


Project Budget Total (Projected):
Fund Source 2015-2017 2017-2019 Total Funds
Current Funds Projected Funds Awarded
2015-2015 Regional Mobility Grant Funds $2,250,000 $0 $2,250,000
2017-2019 Projected Multi-Modal Funds1 $0 $7,085,000 $7,085,000
MTA Matching Funds2 $  754,134 $0 $  754,134
Total Project Funds $3,041,134 $7,085,000 $10,089,134
  1. 2017-2019 Projected Multi Modal Funds are subject to appropriation and not available until 7/1/2017 if approved. These funds will be managed once approved by the legislature, through the RMG Program.
  2. Matching Funds reflect local dollars dedicated to the project.

In late January 2016, MTA announced its intention to seek qualifications from interested, qualified and experienced firms to provide concept and environmental assessment, public engagement, preliminary design, property acquisition and management assistance through construction completion for Park & Ride development in Mason County. After a very thorough “Request for Qualifications” process, MTA selected SCJ Alliance of Lacey as the finalist to represent the agency in design, scope development and construction of the Park & Ride Development Project. MTA was fortunate to have Authority Board members John Campbell and Commissioner Randy Neatherlin’s participation, as well as WSDOT Contract Specialist David Chenaur and Interim Mason County Public Works Director Melissa McFadden as panelists for the final selection.


Park & Ride Development Project Updates

As MTA moves forward on the Park & Ride (P&R) project, the first priority is to create the new North Mason P&R in the Belfair area. On July 28, 2016 a workshop was held to discuss potentially suitable build sites in Belfair, draft criteria for rating each site, and weight the importance of each criterion. The workshop was attended by MTA Authority and Advisory Board members, Mason County representatives and the MTA/SCJ Alliance Project Team.
The project is moving forward with the completion of the 4th Workshop meeting.  The work group now includes a PSNS/Worker Driver Program Representative.  Mr. Scott Haskell is providing input to the group and ultimately the Mason Transit Authority Board to ensure continuity from a user ship yard prospective.