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About the Trip Planner
The trip planner featured on is powered by Google Transit. The Google Transit Trip Planner enables you to enter the specifics of your trip – where you're starting, where you're ending up, what time of day you'd like to leave and/or arrive – then uses the all the available public transportation schedules and information (which are on Google Transit) to plot out the most efficient possible step-by-step itinerary. You can even compare the cost of your trip with the cost of driving the same route.   Additional FAQ at the Google Transit website found here:

Terms and conditions of use:

Mason Transit strives to provide quality information through Google Transit, but cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. Google and participating transit agencies will continue working together to improve the product quality. It is recommended riders double-check trip itineraries with the published bus schedules available on   Please see the Google Transit Terms and Conditions.