Volunteer Driver

Photo shows an elderly woman with a walker standing in front of a car with the passenger door being held open by another woman who is a volunteer driver.

Pictured above: Volunteer Driver, Judy, with client, Lila, standing in front of Judy’s car on their way to Olympia for Lila’s doctor appointment.

MTA’s Volunteer Driver Program

MTA administers a Volunteer Driver Program (VDP) that provides essential transportation for seniors (60+) who are unable to drive or use public transit to their  medical appointments and other essential errands.  To provide this service, MTA utilizes volunteers that donate their time and drive their own vehicles.


The VDP is possible through partnership with the Lewis, Mason, and Thurston County Area Agency on Aging and funding from the Federal Older Americans Act and the Washington State Senior Citizens Act, as well as donations from recipients. Funding is used to refund volunteers their mileage costs and partially cover administrative costs.

Do I qualify?

  • Be 60+ years of age
  • Be unable to drive or have no car
  • Have no alternative transportation options
  • Be unable to access and/or use public transit
  • If using a mobility device, must be able to transfer from your device into the car with minimal assistance
    • Mobility devices used must be collapsible and able to fit in a standard car trunk
    • Persons who need wheelchair accessible vehicles will be referred to medical taxi services or public transit
  • Medicaid eligible recipients are encouraged to contact Paratransit Services at 1-800-846-5438

Is there a cost?

The service is FREE! Donations are welcome and help us serve those in need.



Being a Volunteer Driver is a great service to provide to your community!


Picture showing a male volunteer driver bent over and holding the hand to help a female senior citizen out of a car.

Pictured above: Volunteer Driver, Mick, holding a client named Sonya’s hand to help her get out of his car.

– Flexible Schedule
– Mileage Reimbursement
– Meet New People
– Increased Personal Health
– Paid Training
– Keep Mason County a Great Place to Live!!


– Valid WA State Drivers’ License
– Driving Record Check
– Criminal Background Check
– Defensive Driver & Passenger Assistance Training
– Proof of Insurance & Vehicle Safety Inspection



We look forward to answering any questions you may have, as well as discussing how the Volunteer Driver Program could work for you, either as recipient or volunteer! Contact the coordinator today at 360-432-5723 or 800-374-3747.