September 15, 2017

Online TIP Pass purchase change effective October 10, 2017 click here to view/download.  

To view/download the letter that was distributed with online purchase directions click here.  


Worker Driver Schedules now available!  Click on the Route Number for the schedule.


 During inclement weather Routes 61 & 62 may be put on snow route and will not serve Old Belfair Hwy or Grapeview Lp Rd.

Ride the Worker/Driver Bus Today!

Ride a MTA Worker/Driver route to work at Puget Sound Navel Shipyard (PSNS) and save gas money, the hassle of parking and your time.  It’s easy, FREE for federal workers with a TIP pass and it’s a fun ride to work.  Not a PSNS employee or federal worker with a TIP pass?  It’s okay, anyone can ride and fare is just $2.50 per ride.  Routes originate in Shelton and Belfair.


What is the Worker/Driver Program?

The Worker/Driver (W/D) Program is a “premium” commuter service for employees working the day shift at the Puget Sound Navel Shipyard (PSNS).  The program is the result of a joint effort between MTA, PSNS, and Kitsap Transit.  PSNS trains their employees in vehicle security and employee clearance checks, as well as inspects our 40′ buses for approval to come on the base.  This helps reduce the time spent at security checkpoints within PSNS and allow the buses to enter through a different gate than the rest of the employees.  Kitsap Transit permits MTA to park our W/D buses in their secured parking at their Charleston Base.  Kitsap Transit also provides a shuttle to that takes the PSNS employees who work as drivers from the parking lot to their work sites.


Mason Transit Authority (MTA) offers four routes that serve PSNS, three originate in Shelton and one in Belfair.  Together they serve Olympic Highway North, Highway 3, Grapeview Loop Road, State Route 300 and Old Belfair Highway, as well as the following Park & Rides: Pear Orchard Park, Pickering Road, and the Belfair Assembly of God. There are monthly passes for the W/D routes that are called TIP passes; these passes are also accepted on all MTA fare routes. The TIP pass was named after the Department of Navy’s commuter benefit program, the Transportation Incentive Program. At this time the Department of Navy fully subsidizes the cost of the TIP pass for its employees.


The requirements to become a W/D for MTA are similar to that of becoming a regular driver.  W/D’s start their shift for MTA as early as 4:45 AM and end their shift as late at 5:30 PM. Their shift at PSNS starts at 7:20 AM and ends at 4:02 PM. The PSNS allows their employees who are Worker-Drivers to be released from work early, without time loss, to arrive to their buses in time to depart on schedule.


Buy Your TIP Pass Online!

  1. Visit
  2. Select the appropriate payment type (PSNS Worker/Driver Program).
  3. Enter your Worker/Driver Route number; for example, 61.
    • 61- North Shore Rd/Old Belfair Hwy
    • 62- Grapeview Loop Rd/Allyn
    • 63- Wal-Mart/Olympic Hwy N/ Pear Orchard Park & Ride/ Belfair Assembly of God Park & Ride
    • 64- Pickering Park & Ride/Roy Boad Rd. Parking Lot (behind Safeway in Belfair)
      • NOTE: The route you select is the route your pass will be available for pick-up from the driver.
  4. Enter cardholder information.
  5. Enter your payment card information.
  6. Agree to the terms and conditions and submit payment.
  7. You will receive a payment confirmation email; please keep this for your records.
  8. Your TIP pass will be available to pick-up from the driver on Tuesday in the week following your purchase, or the next time you ride on the route you selected.


TIP Program

The Transportation Incentive Program (TIP) is managed by the Department of Navy and helps their employees reduce their daily contribution to traffic congestion and air pollution by expanding their commuting alternatives. The maximum monthly benefit amount of $130 is provided to TIP participants who commute to work by bus, ferry, or vanpool. For Department of Defense employees, that amount increases to $255 effective March 1, 2016.


TIP is designed to pay for mass transit costs incurred by personnel in their local commute from residence to permanent duty station. Participants must accurately claim an amount that reflects their actual commuting cost—failure to do so will result in fraudulent certification on the application and is subject to criminal prosecution. This program is a benefit, not an entitlement; thus, there is no retroactive reimbursement for the program.


All new participants must submit an application. Your Point of Contact (POC) at your work site can provide you with the appropriate application forms. All completed forms must be typed and should be submitted to your POC for processing.


Once you are registered you will be issued a TRANServe Debit Card which will be automatically loaded with your approved fare rate.  Then you are able to use your debit card to pay your bur fare using our convenient online process below.  After payment, the bus driver will be notified to issue you a TIP Pass, which can be used on MTA’s regular routes in addition to the Worker/Driver routes. For more information about the TRANServe Debit Card, and to be redirected to the U.S. Department of Transportation website, click here.


For additional information about the TIP program, and to be redirected to a U.S. Navy website, click here.