Strollers – A child may remain in a stroller and ride on the bus, if the stroller:

  • collapses;
  • is equipped with brakes, which must be locked;
  • does NOT block aisles, doors, steps, or emergency exits;
  • is controlled by an adult at all times; and
  • (if not collapsed) is in a space designed for wheelchairs.


If the wheelchair spaces are occupied or at any time during the trip need to be occupied by a passenger using a wheelchair, the parent or guardian must remove the child and fold the stroller.  Children with special needs may remain in the stroller.


If the bus is too full to safely stow away the stroller, then the passenger with the stroller will be asked to exit and wait for the next available bus.


For safety reasons, we recommend that riders with children in strollers back them down the ramp when exiting the bus.