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Current Rider Alerts


Rider Alerts for planned holiday closures, schedule changes, construction and event related revisions to MTA service are posted here. Unexpected or last-minute changes to service may not be available on this page.  Rider alerts are also available via Twitter, click here @MasonTransit, or by subscribing to receive rider alerts directly via text or email below.  The following are current rider alerts:


Upcoming Service Changes – Effective Monday, October 2, 2017


  • MTA will be implementing service changes to Routes 1, 3, 4 and 6.   Following are details of the changes going into effect, followed by a link to view/download the new timetable for each route.  New schedule books will become available starting September 25th.  Click here to view the rider alert.


      • Route 1 – To Shelton & To Belfair
        • Schedule changes; click here to view/download Rt 1 timetables – Effective 10/2/17.


      • Route 3 – To Belfair
        • We will no longer travel on Sam Christopherson Rd or serve Jimmy D’s Restaurant in Gorst.
          • From Hwy 3, we will travel on W. Belfair Valley Rd to Belfair.
        • Click here to view/download Rt 3 timetable – Effective 10/2/17


      • Route 4 – Belfair Loop
        • The time point at the Harrison Medical Center has been removed.  We will serve this stop on request and the stop will be located on Hwy 3 @ Romance Hill Rd.
        • The 5:00 pm departure has been extended to a full route.
        • Click here to view/download Rt 4 timetable – Effective 10/2/17


      • Route 6 –  To Olympia & To Shelton
        • Express to Olympia in the morning, and express to Shelton in the evening.
        • Schedule changes; click here to view/download Rt 6 timetables – Effective 10/2/17.



Rider alert links are posted in Adobe Acrobat PDF ARgif2 format.  You can download a PDF reader from Adobe, just click here.  If you are unable to access PDFs, please contact our office by calling 360-426-9434 or 800-374-3747, or email mta@masontransit.org, to request accessible file types.

Inclement Weather


During inclement weather, when road conditions are unsafe, MTA may put routes on a “snow route”.  Snow routes reduce or eliminate service to certain areas.  We understand the impact snow routes have on the rider however they are important for the safety of everyone.    For specifics about our snow routes please click here for the Inclement Weather Rider Alert.

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