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Current Rider Alerts


Rider Alerts for planned holiday closures, schedule changes, construction and event related revisions to MTA service are posted here. Unexpected or last-minute changes to service may not be available on this page.  Rider alerts are also available via Twitter, click here @MasonTransit, or by subscribing to receive rider alerts directly via text or email below.  The following are current rider alerts:

Snow Routes in effect during inclement weather
    • Route 1 – No service on Grapeview Loop.
    • Route 2 – If SR106 is closed, Route 2 will operate on SR3 from Shelton to Belfair.
    • Route 3 – No service on Old Belfair Hwy. Uses SR3 from Belfair to Bremerton.
    • Route 4 – No Service to Lynch or Beards Cove.
    • Route 5- South of TCC- route is 1st St/SR3 to Olympic Hwy South @ Cascade. No service to Turner, Wyandotte, Arcadia Ave. or Fairmount – No service on 12th St. The bus stays on 13th St.
    • Route 6 – No deviations.
    • Route 7 – No deviations.
    • Route 8 – No Service Northcliff Rd. No route deviations.
    • Route 9 – No Service to Capitol Hill.
    • Route 11 – No service past Hoodsport Visitors Center on State Route 119.

  • Mason Transit reserves the right to modify as needed during inclement weather.
  • Proposed Service Changes – Effective Monday, February 5, 2018
        • Route 3 Belfair to Bremerton time changed from 3:30 pm to 3:25 pm to accommodate the new ferry schedule.
        • Route 3 return from Bremerton to Belfair changed from 4:10 pm to 4:00 pm to accommodate the new ferry schedule.
        • Regular Route 1 departing the T-CC at 4:45 pm to Belfair will be modified a Route 1X and will bypass the Grapeview Loop area.
        • Route 1X departing Bill Hunter Park to Shelton at 4:55 pm will be modified to a regular route (not an express) and departure time change to 5:00 pm to better accommodate riders in the Grapeview Loop area.
        • Route 1X departing the T-CC at 6:35 pm to Belfair will be modified to a regular route (not an express) to better accommodate riders in the Grapeview Loop area.
        • DAR Link times will be adjusted to better accommodate existing MTA service to our passengers.
          Time and routing adjustments may change between now and following the public hearings.




    Rider alert links are posted in Adobe Acrobat PDF ARgif2 format.  You can download a PDF reader from Adobe, just click here.  If you are unable to access PDFs, please contact our office by calling 360-426-9434 or 800-374-3747, or email mta@masontransit.org, to request accessible file types.

    Inclement Weather


    During inclement weather, when road conditions are unsafe, MTA may put routes on a “snow route”.  Snow routes reduce or eliminate service to certain areas.  We understand the impact snow routes have on the rider however they are important for the safety of everyone.    For specifics about our snow routes please click here for the Inclement Weather Rider Alert.

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