Travel Training

Photo shows a person reading a transit schedule book at a table in a classroom filled with other people at tables facing the front of the room and a screen showing a transit schedule with teacher talking.

Photo of a group travel training at South Sound Literacy during an ESOL class.

Travel Training Program

People unfamiliar with public transit, trip planning, loading a bicycle, making transfers, or navigating new service changes can feel intimidated by the experience.  Our free travel training program help remove anxiety by teaching people how to meet their transportation needs.


If you want help learning how to pay fare, read a schedule, use the ramp or lift, or any other aspect of riding the bus contact us today, we’d be happy to help!  The training is customized to meet each person’s needs. Individual and group presentations are available. Please call (360) 427-5033 or (800) 374-3747 for information.


Persons with visual impairments who require specialized services for travel training instruction will be referred to organizations that offer those services.